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  December 2013
  Spareage Newsletter 2013 Volume 4

  September 2013
  EPTDA Annual Convention 2013 at Venice

  June 2013
  Spareage introduces Metal Couplings and Spiders

  June 2013
  Express Division Increases it‘s Production Capacity

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OEM Division
OEM division
Spareage OEM division has a fully computerised design department, sophisticated mould making and moulding units and full fledged Quality Sealing solution for OEMcontrol department.
Nirlon V Belts
Nirlon V Belts
Nirlon keeps pace with innovation and offers a full range of coventional wrapped type V-Belts.Nirlon V Belts
Distributor - Suebel Seals
Suebel Seals
Suebel Seals offers effective Sealing Solutions for various industrial applications with its in-house designing and mould making facilities.Suebel Seals
Express Seals
Express seals
Now you can get selected seals from 30,000 different standard seals in 1 hour. Seals delivered...faster than anybody.Express Seals
Heavy Duty Large Diameter Seals
Heavy Duty Large Diameter Seals
Spareage seals offers OEM's the possibility of obtaining a non-standard Seal without compromising on cost, delivery and size limitation.Heavy Duty Large Diameter Seals
Sealing solution for Steel Mills
Sealing solution for steel mills
Spareage Sealing system for Hydraulic Automatic Guage Control cylinders, Roll Shop Work Rolls and Back-up Rolls.
Sealing solution for steel mills
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